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Services we provide

Hair Care: In today's fast paced world, our clients don't want to miss a beat. When they step in the front door, they want to be pampered and receive world class hair styles ,colors while keeping pace with the world around them. The inspiration behind the salon is to help our clients capture the essence of youth & individuality and translate that into fashion forward styles with the perfect color, design and advice on proper hair care.A collective and collaborative talent of our technicians continues to make the salon an extraordinary experience for our clients.
Kerabond: Kerabond is a nutritional supplement that shines & promotes hair growth. .

Experience Polished fingers and toes with Sparkling Nail art with more creativity, but a carefully considered accessory by our experts. We are introducing this year’s hot new trends ,3D art,& hand painted design. Either way nail art can be for everyone.Not just flowers and bows, or even animal prints and retro patterning, nail art can be as simple as using colour effects to enhance nail shape or a clear use of the gloss and matt top coats to give a simple textured effect. We want you to look good , and want to make your overall look complete with some perfectly painted pinkies which will make your day!!.

Manicure pedicure

Organic hot candle mani pedi
Hot candle melts and shea butter and aroma oils intensely moisturise the skin ,and gives a polished & shining surface for long.
Bomb mani-pedi
Bath bombs are amazing fizzy balls of joy. Cleanse the skin from dirt,also strengthens and increases its elasticity, leaving the skin soft and silky with pleasant aroma. .

Make up
Its time to get Glam !! We create Gorgeous in you . We use exclusively topmost international brands Such as esteel lauder, Bobbie brown, Mac,Sephora ,Huda beauty To give you sheen & outstanding look For your special day.We truly believe that everybody can embody diffrent characters and play with many various roles,That's why we not only at the service of stage performers, but also to make everyone to celebrate and embrace their true selves.
Pre Bridal services
Ever heard of a bridal glow? That’s the glow a bride must acquire before her wedding. We discuss the different pre-bridal packages to pamper yourself and look your best on your big day.It's true the stress of a wedding planning experience ,can get her tired mentally especially when we consider her physical beauty She feels Her skin gets dull and dry, her hair may lose its sheen from running around in harsh sunlight and then are chapped feet. so what do we do next ?? Opt for Our Pre - Bridal packages to kick back and relax. Check out these pre bridal packages and choose one to get bridal glow like no other bride !!
Classic bride ritual
A rich blend of vitamins & minerals nourishes your hair as well as your skin ...make you feel nourished
Silver splendour Bride
Touch of Radiant facial with Sea minerals rich polishers will make you shine for your special D-day
Dazzling Gold bBride An outstanding lush gold sheen deeply nourishing your skin with vita- repair therapies for your hair followed with the mesmerizing experience of spa essence.
Platinum Rich glow Bride
Perfect blend of organic products enriched with sea minerals Full of vitamins , minerals amino acids suitable for your skin conditions
Exotic Bride Truly extravagant Royal experience you don't want to miss out with natural skin repair ritual facials
Groom's delight Specially designed to enhance and stimulate the senses with calming and balancing results For your Special Day!!

Skin Care
Organic and anti ageing facials
Collagen restorative facial
The healing mask and other hydrating products helps to build collagen and elastin giving the skin a firmer & younger looking skin.
Hydration Facial
This fabulous facial uses a combination of vitamin rich serums & galvanic current to drive our products down to the deepest level of your skin
Epicurean facial
This is a truly amazing facial ! Unique protein enzymes to stimulate the skin cells so that they renew themselves, leaving a fresh new cells at the surface.The firming and hydrating effects of this facial are unparalleled. it tones and lifts,making skin look years younger.
A special applicator with an abrasive surface to gently sand away the thick outer layer of the skin to rejuvenate it.

Body Care
Royal body spa A perfect blend of minerals ,aroma oils followed with exfoliation ,oil massage ,soothing mask and moreover customized & discussed ingredients that meets your requirements .
Royal Body detox wrap
The essential oils in this recipe reduce water retention throughout the entire body . our detoxification mixture improves tone and circulation , as it unlocks and releases unwanted stored toxins in the tissue. area with cellulites will have a smoother appearance and skin will have a very healthy tone